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Cooperative, puzzle-solving, physical board game
You can play with your friends even if you are not in the same location
Use the free application to check your solutions and ask for hints
4 players • age 14+
2-3 hours of playtime
No alpha gamer problem
Language-independent game components, the application is currently available in English, German, and Hungarian

Are you ready to save the world?

Destroy COVID is a cooperative, puzzle-solving board game that players can play in the safety of their homes. Be a member of an international research team and develop a vaccine against COVID to defeat the pandemic. Find the solution fast to keep the number of infected people to a minimum. Communicate effectively and work as a team to save the world.

Make a group of four members and either buy all four player boxes individually, or ask one of your teammates to purchase a big box containing all four player boxes and distribute them to the rest of the team.

The boxes contain puzzles similar to ones found in popular escape room games. However, the elements are non destructive, so you can give it to your friends after you finished the game.

Destroy COVID is designed to follow social distancing guidelines, since you do not have to be in the same location to play together. Do you have friends miles and miles away and you want to play board games with them? Destroy COVID is the perfect solution. Just buy the player boxes separately and you are ready to play. Optionally, you can also play in the same room. However, it is important that you must not see the components of each other's boxes, because it will ruin your gaming experience.

After you receive your player boxes, you need to establish an audio communication using your favourite platform (if you are playing in the same room, skip this step). Launch the Destroy COVID application to check your solutions and ask for hints if you feel you are stuck with one of the tasks.

Communication with your teammates is extremely important in this game. Always describe the content of your box and share the details of your components. Be aware that it is impossible to single-handedly solve the tasks, you need to find the clues together.

Content of the boxes


It’s April 2020. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which formed last year, has spread and caused a pandemic. COVID-19 threatens the lives of millions of people, and in the absence of truly effective treatment, the only solution is to develop a vaccine as soon as possible. You and your teammates are working as members of an international research team to overcome the epidemic. Remember, the sooner the vaccine is developed and distributed to the general public, the sooner the epidemic will subside, and the more lives you can save!

Opened boxes

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Unfortunately, the product is out-of-print. However, the application will be available at least until the end of 2022 for playing with the already bought boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we all play in the same room?

Absolutely! Just make sure you don't see each other's components, because it will ruin your gaming experience.

Is it possible to order the player boxes separately?

Of course, you can purchase the player boxes separately. Please, be very cautious during checkout because the four boxes are unique and not interchangable.

Can we play in a group with less than four members?

We don't recommend it. It's possible that a player handles more than one player boxes, but it makes the game inconvenient. If your team has only two or three members, ask others to join.

Can we play in a group with more than four members?

Unfortunatelly, not really. Technically, you could share a player box between players; however, it is not recommended because the gaming experience decreases. Form groups of four, and play multiple games. Since the elements are non-destructive, you can hand over the player boxes.

How much time is needed for the game?

It depends on how experienced you are in problem solving games and how effectively your team can communicate. The typical game time is between 2 and 3 hours. You can interrupt the game and later resume if it seems too long time.

Can we pause the game?

Of course you can. There is an option to pause the game in the application. Have a coffee or take a nap, and finish the tasks later. (In the real world, vaccine developers can't work day and night either.)

Can we replay the game?

This is a puzzle-solving game, so you cannot replay it. Once you know the solutions, you can't forget them. However, the elements are non-destructive, so after you finished the game, you can give it to a new team.

Is the game playable more than once?

Absolutely, more than one team can play with the same boxes. The components are designed in a non-destructive way. There are some consumables which allow three or four rounds.

How much do I need to know in English to play Destroy COVID?

The components in the boxes are completely language-independent. Using the app requires limited language skills; however, it's enough if one of the players understands more complex texts. We are working on translating the application to more languages.

I cannot find Destroy COVID in the app store. Where is it?

Google Play rejected the name Destroy COVID, so the application was uploaded under the name "Destroy the Pandemic". Apple's App Store declined the app completely; however, it can be launched in a browser without installation (even on iOS). Follow the links below in sections Download and Launch.


You can launch the Destroy COVID application in a browser without installation on any devices.

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